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Employer Branding


Process Optimization & Audit

Recruitment Audit

Comprehensive review & optimization of the whole recruitment process, with a special focus on candidate experience, efficiency, cost/hire, and eliminating bottlenecks.

Recruitment Vendor Audit

Our experts have both agency and corporate side experience; hence they can look into your vendor's efficiency and delivery processes without any bias.

ATS Selection & Implementation

Boost your Recruiters' efficiency with a good and perfectly implemented ATS. Improve Candidate Experience along the way.

Recruitment Planning

Let our experts help you with planning your Talent Acquisition efforts. Be it a ramp-up, greenfield project or ongoing mass recruitment, we are here to help.

Recruitment Automation

Save your recruiters plenty of time (which they can use to actually speak with candidates or stakeholders) with carefully selected productivity tools & software automation.


Contract Recruitment & RPO

Tech Recruitment

You have an urgent need for IT professionals - we have an enormous technologist network all over the EMEA region. Thanks to our hands-on technical background we speak the language of IT people fluently from trainee to director level. No matter what stack you use, rest assured, we will present some cool candidates for you!

Executive Search

Thanks to our 10+ years recruitment experience, we have a great network of managers and directors in our network from all sectors. If you are looking for the most suitable candidate at the executive level, we would be happy to assist.

Market Mapping & Salary Survey

We can help you map the talent pool in a geographical area for any specific talent, research competitors, provide salary insights, etc.

Recruiting HR Professionals

There are thousands of HR Professionals in the local market, but you want to hire the best one? We offer our network and expertise to help you recruit across all HR specialties and seniority levels. We are also well-prepared for international searches in case you plan to hire

someone from abroad.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

You need more hands but don't have the headcount?

Need some specialist help to recruit niche profiles?

Exploring options to save some cost via outsourcing or near-shoring? Preparing for a hiring spree? We can help!


Employer Branding

Employer Brand Audit

If you believe your company image matters in the recruitment process, you are absolutely right. If you are not sure whether your employer branding activity is on the right track, we help you analyze previous activities and future steps in your employer branding process to reach more potential candidates and business partners.

Employer Branding Campaigns

Boost your employer branding activities with online and offline campaigns! We are experienced in social media campaigns and offline attractions as well. You can reach your goals the best with a combination of these. Let's discuss what is your special need and we recommend the best tool to attract potential candidates or business partners.

Branded Events

You'd like to showcase your company to potential candidates but you don't know how to represent yourself as a future employer or business partner, we can help you to organize professional branded events, like a meetup, a business breakfast, conference or any professional event depending on your needs. Thanks to our great network, we can help you in the preparation, during the event and also in the follow-up.

Employer Brand Development

You know the importance of employer branding in the life of your organization, you have the strategy but you have a bottleneck, or you need some advice to boost your activities? We review the past and ongoing progress and give you some hints for the missing elements and possible steps.



Tech Recruitment Training

Upskill your recruiters or upgrade your recruitment career! Learn the basics, some key technologies & jargon, and the tech recruitment best practices backed by our extensive domain experience, and know-how.


Sourcing & Boolean Search Training

The name speaks for itself if you don't know what sourcing or Boolean, is we can teach you. ;)
Improve your recruitment prowess with up-to-date candidate sourcing techniques, tools, sources, and best practices.

0 to Hero - Recruitment Bootcamp

End2End Recruiter/Sourcer training for absolute beginners or career changers.

Whether you are ramping up your in-house recruitment efforts with some fresh recruits, having no time to train the newbies, or you are considering a change from some other area to Talent Acquisition: fear not, we are here to turn you into a fearless recruitment professional!

IT Basics for Recruiters & Sourcers

Get the necessary domain knowledge to understand the JDs and what IT people are speaking about.
Coming from IT, our experts are more than happy to ease your entry into or deepen your understanding of the complex world of Technology.

Need more details?

We are here to assist you. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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