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Hello, we are TalentStack!

After more than a decade spent in recruitment, we are here to offer our expertise to support companies with value-added services related to recruitment, employer branding, and employee engagement activities.

Throughout our successful career in small, mid-size and enterprise scale local and multinational companies, we had the chance to participate in end-to-end recruitment processes in expert, advisor, and various managerial roles. We had the chance to work with inspiring Business Leaders, HR and Hiring Managers, amongst others, across different HR and business functions. We had the privilege to participate in other related fields like training, coaching, organization development, and career management, we gained a great “stack of knowledge”. With this superpower, we are finally ready to support others!

„We believe in improvement, measurable results, continuous communication and being embedded in an organization that we support.”

Our consultancy focuses on process improvements, including the whole recruitment process, all hiring activities, keeping an eye on candidate experience, and engagement of people in a corporation. Attraction starts with employer branding, engagement builds on mood management. Nothing works without structured plans, ownership, budget. We are not able to make miracles (although sometimes our results might seem like that... :) but help companies to optimize their existing practices, assist to build up the missing processes, and find the best new colleague based on a well-discussed roadmap.

Can you please help in my career change?”

The recruitment process is always about two parties and both are important for us. We help clients to find the most suitable candidates and we support jobseekers with career consultancy. We are engaged to assist everyone with revamping a CV, LinkedIn-profile or preparing for an interview, no matter if she/he’s a fresh graduate or an executive director. We were all candidates in our past, know the labor-market, expectations of the employer side and we know there are always blind-spots for inexperienced jobseekers. We handle you as a key stakeholder and support you with our inspiration, ideas, and desire to transfer our know-how to empower you.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” – Jim Collins

We are ready to help all parties to find the most suitable candidates or job. Striving to help both sides to gain maximum results from the recruitment process, and coach both sides to learn from industry best practices for a better future.

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